Full disclosure

There are some things I want you to know about me
and they are not very easy to tell.
I worry that you may view me differently
value me differently, or believe that you must save me
but I do not want to be saved. I just want to be heard.
There is always the possibility that you will
use this against me or jump to your own conclusions
but that is a risk I take every time I tell
and, I suppose, it comes with the territory.
I do not need you to act, nor try unsuccessfully
to change the past or bring about some better future.
I do not need water or something to eat.
You do not need to suggest that I visit my doctor
– she already sees me often enough.
Most of all, I need you to trust me when I say
that I am alright. That though it isn’t fine, it isĀ fine.
That I am autonomous and that I make my own choices.
I am not a challenge or a task and I do not need rectifying.
Accept that there is nothing you can do but listen
without allowing yourself to feel that idle guilt.
And listen to these things that I do not want to say.