The enchantress holds her hands aloft
fingers spread, the sinews of the old leaves
as Helios skates from my earthly shore
one tear will crystallise and remain
the love of the enchantress stealing away
with the last life in my blessed soil
no concoction of any strength here
will change the will of a wing-footed visitor
entreating at her humble door

An elongated escape had evaded the gatekeeper
she could but watch as tree upon tree fell
and wave upon wave rose
beyond her omnipotent grasp and need
the enchantress could but crave
the touch of a prisoner lost to a new cage
while her prison falls to wilted ruin
where grows the evergreen honour of a goddess
shadowed by the men from their mountain

As I tremble and starve and crave
the enchantress will wait and watch the shifting horizon
for signs of her prisoner returning home
though she may write her own constellations
into the wine dark sky and stars
I fear he will never return to my shores
and we will continue to weep
for the loss of the prince of the imprisoned
and so I write the epic of my masterful mistress

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