Wait at the foot of the waterfall
staring upwards towards the cascade
carved out of rock and stone
in this basin in the centre of the earth
where snow-topped half-moons
conceal the thaw below 

Spiders as big as spread hands or half-moons
in the colours of redwoods and stone
with sequoia hairs in a bristling cascade
blended with the dried-out bushels below
turned from the low roar of the waterfall
searching for a cavern in the earth 

A thick layer of needles below
my feet, fallen from tree limbs in a waterfall
under the watch of stoic half-moons
spectating a solitary cascade
and bleeding back into the heavy earth
pressed to sheets of marbled stone 

Ascending those cathedrals of stone
and casting eyes back down below
to a sea of pine and red-stained earth
and clouds of snow cast in waterfalls
a glistening, cautious cascade
looking like frosted half-moons 

Remain here in the centre of the earth
and wait until the next half-moon
at the foot of an endless waterfall
lifting the smallest of those great stones
and looking to the frozen waters below
among rivers of past snow cascades

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