Have you taken your medication today?

It’s been a fairly average day. 

I came in early and went to the
café because I wanted some conversation
– couldn’t decide between a flat white
or an americano – I got the americano. 

One of my friends was drinking Coke
– at 11am – from one of those Sistema bottles?
I would have bought vodka to go with that
– but that’s just me.  

I raved about the Revenant
and told them about that
Odysseus and Calypso poem that I want to write
then we went to the Theatre studies building
and the sun was out for a change. 

But I was so tired because Katy
stayed last night – we went for dinner
she had a meat-and-potato-pie thing
I had sweet potatoes – lots of potatoes
as long as one of us gets sweet potato
I don’t mind!  

Regardless, I was so tired
this morning that I only rolled out
of bed and put on my goji berry lip balm
(from Sephora)
because it smells so good. 

Anyway, how are you?